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San Andreas Stunting - Psy

online §ynchactivity 3628 Days Agogtasaviews 2351 Viewscomments 8 Comments (11 Votes)
online demonactivity 3502 Days Ago
Thanks §ynch for posting.

Psy, this is awesome! notworthy.gif But sometimes you get airborne so easy and the speeds are so high, that I wonder if you used gravity and speed cheats.

The Banshee at 1:25 is insane! And the car at 3:40 too.
The chain, or "worm" at 2:51.. tongue.gif Never seen it so long.
online Psyactivity 3502 Days Ago
No cheats were used. If they were, it would be pointless making a stunt video because they wouldn't be real stunts wink.gif
online demonactivity 3501 Days Ago
You're right, you wouldn't made a pointless video. Maybe I don't get that speed feel when I play myself.
But you are flying, dammit! One example is at 2:32. Perhaps I have forgot the physics in the game, it's been a year since last time I played SA.
online Psyactivity 3501 Days Ago
Just need tons of speed by leaning slightly forward on the bike. Having maxed out stats helps too.
online §ynchactivity 3501 Days Ago

Psy is a master. An experienced stunter can
tell that he is not using cheats.
Study his VC stunt video, before this one.
Back then, there were plenty of cheaters
making videos. Very obvious.

When SA came out in 2004, this was one of the only videos
that I considered purist, and realist. I eventually was
able to do most of the stunts in this video, but not after
seeing WAVES of cheat based stunt videos hosted on Gamers
Alliance back in 2004 and 2005.

Psy's stunts are real and pure. How dare you mention cheats. tongue.gif
online demonactivity 3501 Days Ago
Lol §ynch, as I said it's one year since last time I played GTA. When I see the video now, I am amazed at how high he can jump at low/moderate speeds. And also the cars are flying high like they were paperweight. I guess I just have forgotten how easy it was to make high and long jumps.

I know that CJ can fall off the bike when his driving skill is maxed out, but in the other video it looks like Tommy got glue under his ass.
online §ynchactivity 3501 Days Ago
Tminus and I spent weeks trying to perfect some of Psy's
bike stunts. It was quite fun in SA; coming out of the
Vice City Prawn Island Fountain, my triple insane zone.
I have zones on all of the main islands in SA thanks to Psy.

I still prefer bikes and the Grove flood control system,
was just one of the first where we started out in 2004.
Note that Psy was the first to clear the northern end,
all the way to the street into the Vago area. Awesome.
That is absolutely a perfect clearance all the way around.

In the end looking back, this was a great tutorial
for the physics in SA, and it inspired me to make
the tape I still haven't edited to digital.
6 hours of my favorite stunt zones, 2 hours on each
of the three main islands, LS, SF, and LV.

Other stunt videos came and went but this will
always be my favorite, plus his perfect timing
of AFI's cover of the NIN classic "Head Like A Hole"...
online demonactivity 3500 Days Ago
"Don of Stunting" I think his custom title was.

What is AFI, NIN and "Head Like A Hole"?

@Psy, how many hours have you spent perfecting your San Andreas skills? I've spent more than 1000 real life hours in San Andreas but I'm not half as good at stunting as you. But I've never been serious about stunting, usually I'm more busy outmaneouvring the police lol.

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