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GTAIV Designs Quality 5.0 & Realistic Time

online DuPz0ractivity 3141 Days Agogtaivviews 2397 Viewscomments 5 Comments (8 Votes)
online OptimumPxactivity 3141 Days Ago
The time cycle part I get, but what design quality? Everything looks the same to me, what am I missing?
online MattyDienhoffactivity 3141 Days Ago
Everything seems to be more reflective and high contrast to me, it's definitely not an improvement, looks gaudy.
online DuPz0ractivity 3140 Days Ago
I dunno. I think it is the reflections and refractions are high quality. I do agree that is doesn't make it look a lot better. It makes it all look wet or glassy.
online RamzKillaactivity 3139 Days Ago
Looks a little shinier.
online king6666activity 2906 Days Ago
can somebody send me the link to the GTAIV Designs Quality 5.0 mod plz!
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