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Grand Theft Awesome IV

online GTARuleractivity 3172 Days Agogtaivviews 2250 Viewscomments 5 Comments (7 Votes)
online GTARuleractivity 3172 Days Ago
I have to say this is one of the funnest GTA 4 vids I have ever seen I had to post it! laugh.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3172 Days Ago
it is a good one.
online Trackz01activity 3171 Days Ago
Lmao thats pretty good biggrin.gif wish i could make animations like that
online Psyactivity 3167 Days Ago
I've got to make an animated 2D video for a uni assignment, and this is my inspiration I think. Probably won't be anywhere near as good as this though, but I'll give it my best shot smile.gif
online RamzKillaactivity 3142 Days Ago
LOL That was a good laugh. biggrin.gif
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