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GTA2 Trailer

online The Awesome Oneactivity 1994 Days Agogta2views 771 Viewscomments 9 Comments (11 Votes)
online TreeFittyactivity 1993 Days Ago
was already posted
online TreeFittyactivity 1993 Days Ago
wait where did it go
online TreeFittyactivity 1993 Days Ago
it was here i swear. o well...
online The Awesome Oneactivity 1993 Days Ago
I didnt see at at time of posting so I assumed it werent there.
online TreeFittyactivity 1993 Days Ago
I could swear it was there. i was watching it... i'm going crazy.
online The Awesome Oneactivity 1991 Days Ago
We all believe you mate. smile.gif
online bOnEsactivity 1991 Days Ago
sweet jesus that looked like a movie trailer laugh.gif... didn't see a lick of game footage...
online GTARuleractivity 1964 Days Ago
If you look you can find extended version on Youtube also. biggrin.gif
online Massacreactivity 1963 Days Ago
Yeah, the full version is just over eight minutes long, I think. It's pretty cool.
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