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Friday, November 07, 2014

Injection vs cop chopper
(First-person) Missile lock on a Cargobob
Franklin, Lamar, and Stretch
(First-person) Chasing ze plane
Not-so-stealthy deer hunting
(First-person) Zooming through Raton Canyon
Flying by Vinewood at night
Del Perro pleasure pier
Searching under the water
(First-person) Time to race
Aerobatics around the lighthouse
Don't stun me bro!
(First-person) Parachuting into Vinewood
Keeping the skies smoggy
Escaping the Bureau Raid
Evening commute in Los Santos
Dusty morning in Stab City
(First-person) Paleto Score escape 2
Cutting the monkey business
(First-person) Merryweather Heist shipboard
Sunrise over the port
(First-person) Paleto Score escape 1
Sunny morning in Grapeseed
Deer grazing in a field
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