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Friday, November 07, 2014

Trevor takes the train
Vacca cruising the city
Besra in Raton Canyon
Escaping the towering inferno
So much traffic on new-gen
Michael and Trevor playing CHiPs
Cops chasing a truck through the desert
(First-person) Snapping a shot of Pamela
Franklin stocking up on weaponry
Swift flying over Alamo Sea
Michael terrorizing Downtown LS
Po-Po hatin' on the Families
Helicopter over Vinewood Hills
(First-person) Escaping the stretch
Observing the city at night
(First-person) When a drug deal goes bad
Welcome home, Trevor
(First-person) Cutting the sides off a hammerhead
Rail Gun practice with Michael
(First-person) Cruising on a motorcycle
Injection vs cop chopper
(First-person) Missile lock on a Cargobob
Franklin, Lamar, and Stretch
(First-person) Chasing ze plane
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