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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Getting ready to purge Los Santos
Who to choose?
Smile for the witness
Tearing up trails in the wilderness
Jump out boys and girls
Jet race to start the day
Late night motorcycle race
West Vinewood warzone
Flying past the wind farm
(First-person) Get that paper!
Super car race on the freeway
Buzzard on the attack
(First-person) Better reload quickly
(First-person) Sniper on the roof
(First-person) Cruising the W.V. strip

Friday, November 07, 2014

(First-person) Robbing a store
One wheel for the one-times
(First-person) Buzzing Fort Zancudo
Zentorno heads into Vinewood
(First-person) Early morning flight over the city
(First-person) Infiltrating Cheng's meat factory
Franklin leads the pack
Buzzard heads into the storm
Haines breaks up the protagonists
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