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status Psy is still proud of the work which went into this site :) on 03rd Jun 2014 at 11:20 AM
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A shot of Niko standing near a bridge.
A shot of the city across the water.
Shoppers, traffic, billboards... The commercial district.
A train heads around the tracks towards the big city.
Niko attempts to escape the pursuing police.
A man appears to have broken into a prison or bank.
Niko sneaks around what looks like a large warehouse at night.
A red car drives down a short hill.
Niko drives a black car through a residential area.
Niko's frienddly gun salesman 'Little Jacob'.
A taxi and police car travel through China Town.
A large bridge is the main focus of this image
A bridge with some traffic travelling across it. Mainly taxis.
A taxi and police car drive through a residential area.
Niko stands in front of a humorous 'Cherkov' building.
A beautifully lit building on the water at night.
An empty street glows orange at sunset (or sunrise!)
Niko Bellic makes his way through pedestrians in the busy city.
Niko fires an Uzi submachine gun.
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