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MP3 Hostage Negotiation Pack Coming October 30th

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For those of you waiting to hear about the Max Payne 3 Hostage Negotiation Pack DLC, it's finally set to release on Tuesday, October 30th after a month delay.


"Available free of charge to Rockstar Pass holders and for either 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE or $9.99 on PlayStation Network and PC, the Hostage Negotiation Pack includes four new multiplayer maps specifically designed for intense online action plus new items and weapons as well an entirely new avatar faction."

Arm bandages and face tattoos are just a few of the accessories that you can equip on your Filhos De Ogum avatar.

Each faction's customized Heavy Helmet will reduce all damage taken to the head by 75%.

Gear up if you plan to take control of the O Palácio Strip Club located in the center of the favela.

Look for more details about the maps and more next week and join us at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!
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