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Rockstar Games Tribute Video

online TreeFittyactivity 2797 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 1476 Viewsforums 2 Comments
Check out a fanmade video tribute to our gaming gods, Rockstar:

If you have your own videos about Rockstar or Grand Theft Auto be sure to tell us and/or submit your content to the site! We LOVE fanart.

What's happening with Grand Theft Auto V, you ask? Yes you did! So come find out at our GTA V forums - where guests can comment on anything! But if you think they're all n00bs, you can sign up for the forums and have mature discussions with other members of the iGTA network!
online TreeFittyactivity 2797 Days Ago
I don't know what Psy sees in this but whatever.

music = good
video = not as good. cuts aren't timed and it's missing other games.
online GTA Gangster77activity 2797 Days Ago
I Have all of these games
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