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First Max Payne 3 Trailer Released!

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Check out the first (of many) trailers for Rockstar's next epic adventure: Max Payne 3, coming March 2012 to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC:


"Still haunted by the memories of his traumatic past, Max begins a new life working private security protecting a wealthy industrialist and his family in São Paulo, Brazil. When gangs target the family under his protection, Max is forced to fight to save his clients and clear his name, in a bid to, once and for all, rid himself of the demons that have tortured him for far too long."

You can also get it in high definition at www.rockstargames.com/maxpayne3 and the Videos section of the Rockstar site.
online TreeFittyactivity 2862 Days Ago
Now imagine what Grand Theft Auto V will look like. biggrin.gif
online GTA Gangster77activity 2861 Days Ago
GTA V would be Way better than Max Payne 3 in my opinion thumbup.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 2861 Days Ago
A few facts for those who are asking:

1) Yes, that is the voice of James McCaffery, original voice actor from Max Payne 1 and 2…

2) Max Payne 3 is running on a new iteration of Rockstar’s RAGE engine

3) Today’s Max Payne 3 trailer is all in-game footage

4) Like GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 uses the Natural Motion character behavior system for lifelike weight and movement

5) No, Max Payne 3 is not an open world game – we’re staying true to Max’s roots in atmosphere, story and gameplay design

6) Today’s Max Payne 3 trailer shows a small part of Max’s journey – much more info soon

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