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Rockstar Pixels and Polygons Screensaver

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Adding to Rockstar's artsy-fartsy desktop wallpapers and such, check out a new screensaver titled Pixels and Polygons.


"Back in the early days of computers, screensavers weren’t just a decorative element people used to customize their idle screen displays. In their initial heyday, screensavers were completely necessary and functional applications used to preserve the integrity of monitors and protect them from image burn — imagine the millions of dollars saved by the Flying Toaster Screensaver. At the same time, those monitors would play stylishly pixilated yet crude animations that looked like reality as filtered through the eyes of pointillist artists. Combining the conservational elements of old school screensavers and the style of 8-bit video games, we present you with the Rockstar Pixels and Polygons Screensaver."

The screensaver transitions through an array of shapes and colors using generative functions to create a hypnotic effect. In other words, there's some crazy math involved to make your screen look like it’s building itself, changing colors, and then falling back apart one pixel at a time.

Don’t stare at it too long though or you might freak out and think a bunch of brightly colored ants are engaging in unending turf war on your computer screen.

Grab it now from the Rockstar Screensavers Collection and find out about the next Grand Theft Auto at the GTA 5 forums!
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they have a bunch of different slogans that appear on the site. Similar to the Liberty City slogans on the GTA IV page.
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