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Interrogate the L.A. Noire Cast

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Fans have so many burning questions and now Rockstar is giving them all the chance to ask the L.A. Noire actors questions about the game or themselves.


This is your chance to ask Aaron Staton (Cole Phelps), Michael McGrady (Rusty Galloway), Adam Harrington (Roy Earle), Sean McGowan (Stefan Bekowsky) and Keith Szarabajka (Herschel Biggs) any questions you may have - insights on their characters, details of the MotionScan process, their reactions and impressions from playing the finished game itself or anything else that comes to mind.

Send Rockstar your questions by either tweeting them or email them at mouthoff@rockstargames.com by the end of the day Monday August 8th, they'll review them all, select the best ones and in the weeks to follow they'll post the answers giving the selected interrogators full credit for their choice lines of inquiry.

Hurry up and send them your questions plus join us at the GTA 5 forums!
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