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L.A. Noire Pre-Order Bonus Details

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For those of you pre-ordering Rockstar's crime thriller, L.A. Noire, here's the bonuses you can get from different retailers... (click the pics for full posters!)


'The Naked City' Vice Case & Badge Pursuit Challenge


‘The Naked City’ Vice Case
In this bonus case from L.A. Noire’s Vice Desk, detective Cole Phelps investigates the supposed suicide of a stunning fashion model. Can you help Cole unravel the truth in a city blighted by drugs, corruption and greed, where the death of a beautiful woman is never as straightforward as it seems?

The Badge Pursuit Challenge
Hidden around L.A. Noire’s beautiful recreation of 1947 Los Angeles are 20 police badges to find and collect. If you can find all 20 of these badges, the dapper Button Man suit will be unlocked which provides extra ammo for all weapons. Each badge also provides 5 additional XP which will help further unlock Intuition Points – special credits that can be used to give Phelps a key investigative insight when you need it most.

(Also available via Game in the UK, and GameStop in Canada)


'The Broderick' Detective Suit


This unlockable detective suit boosts your fist-fighting capabilities and resilience to damage. Throughout L.A. Noire while working cases, you’ll encounter quite a few suspects and persons of interest who prove to be resistant to arrest. Your hand-to-hand fighting skills will be called into action on these cases – the Broderick suit with its enhanced fighting abilities may be that edge in helping make that collar.

(Also available via Amazon in the UK, and Amazon in Canada)


Pre-Order or purchase at launch (while supplies last) to get the ‘A Slip of the Tongue’ Traffic Case


“A Slip of the Tongue” is a bonus case from the Traffic Desk in which a seemingly run of the mill car theft ends up sparking an explosive investigation into the largest auto fraud racket the city has ever seen. With the stolen cars piling up and questionable characters at every turn, can you help Cole Phelps crack the biggest case so far in his career?

(Also available via Play in the UK, and Wal-Mart in Canada)

Best Buy

Pre-Order or purchase at launch (while supplies last) to get 'The Sharpshooter' Detective Suit


The Sharpshooter unlockable detective suit enhances your aim with rifles and pistols. Always a worst case scenario for any detective working a case, there are of course those occasions for Cole Phelps when pursuing a suspect escalates to gunfire. In these tense shootouts, the Sharpshooter suit provides that extra aiming precision to take the criminal down.

(Also available via Zavvi in the UK, and Best Buy in Canada)

Other Offers

  • Everyone in North America who pre-orders their copy through the Rockstar Warehouse will receive an official L.A. Noire tee-shirt.
  • Everyone who pre-orders with Target will receive a $5 Gift Card, and get a free Rockstar Games t-shirt if purchasing the game in-store during launch week. All incentive offers are limited in quantity and available while supplies last.

Check out the updated pre-order page at the L.A. Noire official site for links, details and more info – including information on other partners and programs.

There you have it. Pick your favorite and sit tight- but not for long, May isn't too far away! Join the chat in the L.A. Noire forum!
online TreeFittyactivity 2555 Days Ago
Sorry jamie, had to bump ya. tongue.gif
online DuPz0ractivity 2555 Days Ago
Hmm... which pre-order for the win...
online TreeFittyactivity 2555 Days Ago
Seems like GameStop forked over the most $$$
online Massacreactivity 2555 Days Ago
Why does it say Canada? Do American Gamestops not get anything?

If Gamestop in America doesn't have a bonus I'm going with R* Warehouse.
online TreeFittyactivity 2555 Days Ago
They're all for the US. "Also available via blah blah blah"
online alooper21activity 2555 Days Ago
and just a few days ago i read this, and i totally agree with it. hopefully GTA will never rely on such strategies, but i doubt.

right now i' feel dissapointed with rockstar, and about to become a little hater.
online Massacreactivity 2554 Days Ago
^ That's too much shit to read. Summarize it.

They're all for the US. "Also available via blah blah blah"
Oh. Go through and bold the also's. Twice.
online bOnEsactivity 2554 Days Ago
gamestop FTW just because of the badge collecting... i think walmart has the best case file... damn, walmart has been stepping up their pre-order game incentives lately... i still think the "caravan pack" for new vegas is the best one (from walmart) and you get a trucker hat when you pre-order duke nukem forever...

but sadly, i think gamestop gets my money this time...
online TreeFittyactivity 2554 Days Ago

^ That's too much shit to read. Summarize it.

They're all for the US. "Also available via blah blah blah"
Oh. Go through and bold the also's. Twice.

i don't wanna. mad.gif
online alooper21activity 2554 Days Ago

^ That's too much shit to read. Summarize it.

They're all for the US. "Also available via blah blah blah"
Oh. Go through and bold the also's. Twice.

can't really summarize it (i guess you were replying to me, right?), but is one of the most interesting reads on gaming, so you should make an effort tongue.gif
the ideea is that, with LA Noire as an example, if a gamer would want to have everything, then he should preorder the game like 5 times, one piece from each retailer, to get all the bonuses. there are such gamers that want everything. and is not fair that a gaming company plays by these rules. because at the end, supposing someone goes to that extent, the entire experience would cost like 5 times the price of the game.
on the other hand, the writer of the article praises extended editions, like limited or goty or whatever special edition, because the option of having it in its entirety is yours, the buyer, and it really comes with valuable non-game bonuses, like art books, figurines and such things, for only 20 bucks more.
online Massacreactivity 2554 Days Ago
Valid point. I'd rather they didn't give different pre-order bonuses to different stores, especially since I don't buy games online and Gamestop is my only option around where I live, and Gamestop doesn't always have the pre-order bonus I want, as was the case with Fallout: New Vegas.

Limited Editions, on the other hand, I love. I don't care how much extra it is, I want my random junk.
online bOnEsactivity 2553 Days Ago
what pack did you think was the best for new vegas? the mercenary pack? you should consider ordering stuff online, midnight launches and getting the game at 10am in the morning instead of 3 in the afternoon doesn't make a difference to me anymore considering that i'll have the next month to play it anyways...

amazon doesn't usually have a good offer though but, if walmart keeps getting better with pre-order incentives, i'd consider them... their offers are for online ordering... most walmart's in smaller towns don't do in-store stuff...
online Massacreactivity 2553 Days Ago
I wanted the Caravan Pack, but I also wanted the Collector's Edition and I knew Wal-Mart wouldn't have any. Shame, that Leather Armor looked good. I can't believe no one's made a mod for it yet.
online bOnEsactivity 2552 Days Ago
i got the collectors edition from walmart, online of course... i got the cards, chips and comic book... and yea, that armor is still surprisingly useful late in the game too...
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