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L.A. Noire Previews: IGN, Fast Co, Paste Mag

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The latest previews of this spring's crime thriller, L.A. Noire, are in from around the web and around the world. Check out what people are saying about Rockstar's newest title!


To help set the scene, IGN have an exclusive interview with Team Bondi's Brendan McNamara about the state of Los Angeles in 1947, a city transformed by social and industrial change in the wake of World War II, and endemic police corruption:

"Los Angeles has a long and checkered history of boosters and corruption. Mayor Frank L Shaw used the citywide Vice Squad as bag men for collecting his cut from many nefarious activities taking place around the city. The last straw came for Los Angelenos when LAPD Captain Earl Kynette placed a bomb in the car of corruption investigator Harry Raymond. Raymond survived the blast and at the trial Kynette alleged that his orders came from City Hall. Later, Mayor Shaw's administration was implicated in over a thousand illegal betting and prostitution rackets, often - it was claimed - under the protection of the LAPD.

It wasn't until the appointment of former Internal Affairs head William H Parker in 1950 that the real work of weeding out the corruption within the LAPD would begin. Parker's most famous quote when referring to police corruption was, "We'll always have cases like this because we have one big problem in selecting police officers ... we have to recruit from the human race."

Read the full story here.

Fast Company took a deeper look at Motion Scan, with Brendan explaining exactly why the MotionScan process is so unusual:

"MotionScan has made the post-production process become much more streamlined and efficient. The technology directly transfers the actor's performance into the game engine, so very little post-processing work is needed. That means we can free up artists and designers to focus on other aspects of the game, as well as pay more attention to fine-tuning things from a storytelling standpoint."

Read more here

While Paste Magazine explores the balance between interrogation and action:

"The level of action varies greatly from case to case. Many cases are solvable without the need for violence. For example, instead of pulling out his gun and shooting a fleeing suspect, Phelps can fire a warning shot that stops the person in their tracks. Other times, Phelps has little choice but to roll up his sleeves and pursue justice using deadly force. It becomes a balancing act between introducing players to a radically different type of gameplay and also maintaining a level of comfort and familiarity."

Check the full story here.

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online alooper21activity 3074 Days Ago
here's hoping we won't see fluid, human faces on stiff wooden bodies! this new aproach is welcomed, though the current gen consoles might still be too slow to fully support it's full potential. for what i've seen in the Orientation trailer, everything except the faces is somewhere between San Andreas and IV. Which means is San Andreas with fingers. Oh, and better textures.
this game will be huge, i know it! but after a year or two, when the hype will be gone, the same question will arise, as with IV: what was all the hype about?
online TreeFittyactivity 3074 Days Ago
I think the hype problem with IV was that previews were talking about SO much but the final game didn't have that much. I think RDR is suffering more right now from the hype machine.
online alooper21activity 3074 Days Ago
and ironically RDR seems to have more to it than IV (and i say it seems because i can't play it, i don't own a console; it looks like San Diego has the bad habit to stay faithfull to consoles lately, or am i wrong?).
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