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GTA III and Vice City for $5

online DuffManactivity 3526 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 2080 Viewsforums 3 Comments
In celebration of their five year anniversary, online retailer Direct2Drive is offering a huge number of games for just $5 (or £5 if you're in the UK). This week, two of our all-time favourites, GTA III and GTA: Vice City, are available to download at this awesome price.

If you've never played either of these games before (and you would need a good excuse for that) or only have them for PS2, now would be a good time to get hold of them for PC, don't you think? Just follow the links below to be directed to the store for your region.

GTA III: D2D Store
Vice City: D2D Store

And for the Rockstar fanboys out there (*raises hand*), Max Payne 2 and the original Manhunt are also available for a fiver! So what are you waiting for?
online Massacreactivity 3526 Days Ago
Finally! Are they $5 for this week only, or for good? Hopefully for good, I can't download it right now.
online anomalous_resultactivity 3526 Days Ago
One week only.
online DuffManactivity 3526 Days Ago
Yeah only for a week, but they have kept some games from the previous offers, so I guess if they don't sell 'enough' they might keep them on for longer. Wouldn't take any chances with it though. You've got til Sunday anyway.
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