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UPDATE: Rockstar Games Book

online TreeFitty & JamieMilneactivity 3285 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 2954 Viewsforums 6 Comments
I've been following the progress about this book for a while now, and the article previously posted is now inaccurate.

Most UK retailers are selling this book between £50 and £90 because Rockstar have changed the design of the book, it is now a single book with all 3 volumes combined and the retail price is £89.99

I have provided image proof from the Steidl catalogue:

A much better price indeed. Add your comments below...
online JamieMilneactivity 3285 Days Ago
i prefer this design to the original 3 books with red blue and green to be honest lol.
online Massacreactivity 3285 Days Ago
Nope, I said I'd pay $80. Now I have to steal it again.
online alooper21activity 3284 Days Ago

Nope, I said I'd pay $80. Now I have to steal it again.

you think £89.99 is too much for 544 pages + disc content? i doubt it. i'm not a dev, but just seeing the insights and getting "in contact" (through the videos on the disc) with rockstar devs is worth the price. wich i'm sure i'll pay if it comes to romania (i can't make the payment over the web).

ps: i always enjoyed reading houser's interviews.
online JamieMilneactivity 3284 Days Ago
i wouldnt say this is for people who are devs, this is a fan book, im a fan and ill be getting if even thought im not a developer lol.
online Massacreactivity 3284 Days Ago
Yes, it is too much. It's not worth that price at all, especially since everything in that book and on the DVD will be floating around the torrenting crowd within a week of release.
online TwoFacedTanneractivity 3284 Days Ago
$130!!! Holy fuck that!
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