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Red Dead Redemption: New Screens

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Rockstar has released new screenshots for Red Dead Redemption. Take a peek at the frontier of New Austin.


"One of the three discrete areas that comprise the game world of Red Dead Redemption is New Austin - the last outpost of the American frontier to be mapped, conquered and settled."

Check out the rest of the screenshots here. You can discuss Red Dead Redemption in our forums.
online deadactivity 3476 Days Ago
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap! That's how I think we're gonna have to arm wrestle! tongue.gif
online Psyactivity 3476 Days Ago
Or wobble the analog sticks like you do on Lost & Damned.
online deadactivity 3476 Days Ago
Yeah! Only two mo...........TWO MONTHS? Two months left to wait? I could be dead by then! huh.gif
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