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Rockstar News: RDR GameStop Outfit, Event Recap

online TreeFittyactivity 2971 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 2680 Viewsforums 3 Comments
For those following Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption, a winner in the GameStop pre-order vote has been chosen.

Those that pre-order from there will receive the Deadly Assassin outfit. Check out the official GameStop page here for details on the outfit's benefits including a video and how to get it in the game. There are various tasks you need to accomplish.

In other Rockstar news, they have posted a recap of the Midnight Club LA Social Club Event on February 26th. Check out some screens and a write up of the fun here.
online Massacreactivity 2971 Days Ago
Of course it's the Deadly Assassin, it looks exactly like all the other outfits in the game, so naturally it was special somehow.

Faith in Humanity -5
online TwoFacedTanneractivity 2970 Days Ago
No you see, its all the 12yo fucks that think its bad ass to wear black and have an eyepatch. And anything with Assassin in it the same fucks will go for. I personally wanted the merchant. You know they should have let us pick, but of course, they couldnt piss me off if I was able to pick and not get stuck with something I think is about as cool as Bill Cosby's sweaters.
online Massacreactivity 2969 Days Ago
*Takes off black shirt and eyepatch*

Yeah, those fucks! I wanted the merchant outfit, too.
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