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Red Dead Redemption: Delayed until May 18th/21st

online TreeFittyactivity 1729 Days Agorockstaraffiliates 1491 Viewsforums 11 Comments
Red Dead Redemption: Delayed until May 18th/21stAccording to game publisher Take-Two's first quarter financial statement (under "Product Highlights"), Rockstar's Western Red Dead Redemption will be delayed until May 18th in North America as opposed to the original release date of April 27th. International date is the 21st.

Rockstar knows many are disappointed with the extra wait but promises that this is the final date. Just as with Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar is saying the new date will help them polish the game and bring you nothing but the best.
online Psyactivity 1729 Days Ago
They should just announce dates are subject to change when they originally announce it because I can't remember any of their games being released on schedule. That said, their games are always awesome anyway smile.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 1729 Days Ago
lol it'll probably be in the fine print of future game websites.
online Seeenactivity 1729 Days Ago
Honestly, this is good news. I'm gonna be so fuckin' busy with the GTA Episodes and GoW III.
online GTA SA fanactivity 1729 Days Ago
I hope this game will be a demo on 360 and PS3 be4 I buy (I like to try games first be4 I buy)
online TreeFittyactivity 1729 Days Ago
I doubt there will be a demo.
online bOnEsactivity 1729 Days Ago
they said the reasoning for the delay is to build up more hype, to give them more time for marketing... that's kind of a stupid reason... ohh well, it just gives me a few more weeks to mess around with "episodes of liberty city" before i get my hands on RDR...
online Marney1activity 1729 Days Ago
I'm going to have to stay in bed longer now, don't want to risk being hit by a bus and missing out on it.
online TreeFittyactivity 1728 Days Ago

I'm going to have to stay in bed longer now, don't want to risk being hit by a bus and missing out on it.

online Psyactivity 1728 Days Ago
That's a very good idea Marney. Perhaps we should start a national campaign to get everyone else to do this. Don't want any people red and dead and unable to play redemption... o_O
online GermanScientistactivity 1728 Days Ago
I welcome this... Sure i want the game but, let them take the time they need.

I also think this is good if it makes the developers less stressed... Seeing all of the old news about how the working conditions around Red Dead Redemption in R* San Diego has been and all...
online Marney1activity 1728 Days Ago
I forgot the milk. mellow.gif
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