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Red Dead Redemption: GS Outfits, Reviews, Screens

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Rockstar has posted a new video previewing the different outfits to choose from in GameStop's vote. Check it out here or below:

GameStop is also holding a sweepstakes for those that vote. To vote or for more info go here.

Rockstar has once again compiled exceptional reviews from more hands-on playing. Check them all out here.

And fall in love with all of the beautiful screenshots in the official gallery.
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Only available to Yankee Doodle Dandy residents but I'd have voted for The Expert Hunter.

For some reason the pics won't load on the RDR site but from that one screenshot there I can tell you I'm in love with this game already.

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I think a lot of people are fapping over this game. Release day might be a world record for most people fapping over one thing. tongue.gif

online deadactivity 3456 Days Ago
Like when dickheads say if all the people in China jumped up and down at once they could send a tidal wave across the world. If everyone whacks one out on release day the world will drown in gazillions of little expert swimmers.

*Skins sisters dog and four cats and wears them*
online TreeFittyactivity 3456 Days Ago
rofl@the swimmers
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