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MTA: SA v1.0.1 Update Released

online OptimumPx & DANNY B0Yactivity 2966 Days Agoaffiliates 5838 Viewsforums 5 Comments
The MTA team have decided to release an update on MTA SA. The new updated version of the mod's key priority is to get rid of gaming bugs, improving cross-platform compatibility (including support for its running on the Mac OS X) and fixing some high quality client.

Various websites do recommend you to update you v1.0 MTA: SA because of the various differences it has made to stop it being as buggy as the original version.

So if you do play on MTA, I also recommend you in updating the version. The update is now available as of 2nd October 2009.
online ThomasHactivity 2965 Days Ago
I had some good times at MTA VC, this one can't seem to bother me.
However, I do got deep respect for the guys working on this project, it takes some serious skills to build it. smile.gif

online RamzKillaactivity 2955 Days Ago
Can someone explain to me what this is exactly? Please. unsure.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 2955 Days Ago
Can someone explain to me what this is exactly? Please

Multi Theft Auto. it's a PC mod.
online RamzKillaactivity 2954 Days Ago
So what can you do with this mod? Can you play online with other people? unsure.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 2954 Days Ago
that and more. if i had a good computer i would have it. http://mtavc.com/
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