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Indian Breaks Record For Longest GTAIV Session

online Psy & PabloHoneyOleactivity 3555 Days Agoaffiliates 2446 Viewsforums 7 Comments
What did you do between September 4 and September 6? Twenty-six year-old private equity broker Chirantan Patnaik played Grand Theft Auto IV — for 40 hours and 20 minutes straight.

The Mumbai, India resident started playing at his home on September 4 at 10:00 a.m. and wrapped up on September 6 at 2:00 a.m., taking only four breaks. His marathon play session was observed by observers and has earned its place in the Guinness Book, surpassing the previous record of playing GTAIV for 28 hours and 1 minute.


If you're thinking of attempting to break this record, contact us and we'll tell you how much you need to get a life smile.gif.
online OptimumPxactivity 3555 Days Ago
This kid has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time on his hands if you ask me.
online Massacreactivity 3555 Days Ago
Meh, it's for a world record. I think that's worth making time for. I'd like to break it.
online punxtractivity 3555 Days Ago
I wonder what's the longest time someone's ever played GTAIV while getting head...

I'm sure Stoic would find this a worthy endeavor.
online TreeFittyactivity 3555 Days Ago
This kid has waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much free time on his hands if you ask me.

this kid needs to get laid. if you ask anybody.
online DANNY B0Yactivity 3549 Days Ago
Two words - bored geek. Another three words - IV record breaker. The longest GTA session I had was 38 hours on Vice City Stories.
online Jackflat0021activity 3548 Days Ago
Man that's BS beat the first gta IV record the first when I first came out got it from walmart then went across the street to game stop to fuck with the 17yo loser at gamestop at midnight with there mom spend over 100 dollar for a game and a lockbox but yet to have there own car then I went home and got addicted to the game from 2:00am till 10:15 a day later wish I knewther was a record
online II Goonah IIactivity 3544 Days Ago
I wonder if he got bored?
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