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World Trade Center IV (mod) BETA

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Before you start bawling your eyes out about people using plane mods to crash into it, simply take a look at this World Trade Center mod for GTA IV and take in the effort used to recreate the former complex in stunning detail including the pedestrian bridges...

The World Trade Center mod is currently in BETA and replaces the area of City Hall in Liberty City (near the bank Niko and Packie rob). You can download it from their official website here as well as keep up with the mod's progress as the WTC IV team makes it even more beautiful!

Join the discussion about the WTC IV mod at the GTA V forums and much much more!
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Only thing I noticed wrong right away was that the windows they have lit up go far too low. There is no floor inside the trident forks and the 2 floors immediately above the tridents are mechanical equipment levels without windows. Otherwise it's looking good as I'm sure they'll fix the NPC walking paths with another update.
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Somehow made it to the first google result page for "World Trade Center mod". Nice. world trade center wtc grand theft auto gta iv mod pc
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totally forgot to post the WTC IV gameplay vid.... /edited
grand theft auto gta iv world trade center wtc mod pc
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