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70min GTA IV Musical Mashup by Neal Santos

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Check out a cool mix of various songs from GTA IV (and a few others) made by Neal Santos, Supreme veteran, TeamWorks clothing founder, and confessed fan of GTA and its soundtracks.

Apparently done back in the summer of ’08 after GTAIV came out, but only posted online in the past month. It’s an eclectic mix of everything from “Anybody Can Get It” to “No Sex for Ben” to a bunch of other tracks not necessarily from GTA but in the right vibe. Listen to the 70 minutes of goodness below:


You can get it for yourself from Soundcloud here. Only downside to jamming out to this, is not being able to hear the hilarious radio ads and other various things heard on the airwaves. Be sure to join us at our new Grand Theft Auto V forums!
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