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Europe Gets 20 GTA IV PSN Avatars

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You may remember when we posted about PSN getting 10 new GTA IV avatars and those in Europe may have noticed quite a delay in getting them.

But feel better now, because the EU PlayStation Store has added 20 avatars to choose from! They are:
  • Nico Bellic
  • Brucie Kibbutz
  • Dimitri Rascalov
  • Mikhail Faustin
  • Lollipop Girl
  • Playboy X
  • Joni
  • Young Lady
  • Luis Lopez
  • Johnny Klebitz
  • Vladimir Glebov
  • Yusuf Amir
  • Tony Prince
  • Mori Kibbutz
  • Malc
  • Luis Lopez Bouncer
  • Lost and Damned Logo
  • Gracie Ancelotti
  • Billy Grey
  • Ashley Butler

They are all available at £0.20 or 0.25 Euro.

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online ViceManactivity 3055 Days Ago
Hmm, whether to change the lemming avatar i've had since I created the account...?
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