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New Remixes of Greenskeepers’ "Vagabond"

online TreeFittyactivity 3244 Days Agoaffiliates 2495 Viewsforums 1 Comments
Greenskeepers just released some brand new remixes of the track “Vagabond” from the original Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack and the theme song in the official Grand Theft Auto IV TV commercial.

You can listen to the James Curd Full Mix below or click here to download a free mp3 of it (128kbps only – you’re going to have to shell out the $0.99 for the high quality).

The full list of remix versions available at Amazon are:
  1. Vagabond (New Original Mix) 3:01
  2. Vagabond (Lucky Date Remix) 3:47
  3. Vagabond (James Curd Shots Fired Mix) 6:12
  4. Vagabond (James Curd Full Mix) 6:12
  5. Vagabond (James Curd Remix Instrumental) 6:12

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online GTA Joeactivity 3229 Days Ago
in the next GTA, i hope to see the return of every single gimmick from SA, as they were all brilliant, and the return of all the weapons and vehicles from SA, i was quite disappointed with IV in that sense, because we only got 2 weapons in each class, instead of shitloads of weapons all over the place! My fave was the minigun, you couldnt lock on but it was fab, could total a car in about 3 seconds of firing. One more thing i would like to see again, is a list of cheats as long as the ones for SA, basically, i would like to see SA remade for more muscle bound consoles, with next gen graphics :L
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