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iGTA PS3 Deathmatch Tomorrow Night (Win GOLD!)

online TreeFittyactivity 2272 Days Agoaffiliates 1337 Viewsforums 8 Comments
iGrandTheftAuto.com members will be holding their Monday night deathmatch on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow, March 8th, 2010. You could win a free GOLD Upgrade!


The match will be held at 6 PM (EST) or 11 PM (GMT). Sign up in the topic with your PSN ID or check out the official page for details. You must be a member to sign up and join! [register]

Also, it will be "Kill bOnEs Night". Don't let him win!!!
online Marney1activity 2272 Days Ago
bOnEs is a homosexual.
online TreeFittyactivity 2272 Days Ago

bOnEs is a homosexual.

online ViceManactivity 2271 Days Ago
How do you know that Narmey?
online Marney1activity 2271 Days Ago
I don't but I just felt like saying it. The gloves are off tonight!
online ViceManactivity 2271 Days Ago
You wear gloves while you're playing? That explains why you're so crap.
online Marney1activity 2270 Days Ago
They're boxing gloves so as you can imagine it's quite difficult.

Anyway congrats on winning you may now wear the iGTA crown.

There you are Image

It's a gift from bOnEs. 070302buttsecks2.gif
online ViceManactivity 2270 Days Ago
Meh, I don't wanna wear it.
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 2270 Days Ago
I claim it!
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