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iGTA PS3 Deathmatch Tonight (win GOLD!)

online TreeFittyactivity 1876 Days Agoaffiliates 1290 Viewsforums 4 Comments
Just a reminder that the iGTA Members' Deathmatch for IV on the PS3 is tonight at 11 PM GMT (6 PM EST). This week's match will be 45 minutes of no blips on Happiness Island. Grand Prize is a free GOLD UPGRADE!

Details on the official page or reserve your spot by posting your PSN I.D. in the topic here. You must be a member of iGrandTheftAuto.com to compete!

Good luck to all!
online ViceManactivity 1876 Days Ago
Hopefully i'll manage to maintain a connection for at least half of the 45 minute match length. Not expecting to though.
online TreeFittyactivity 1876 Days Ago
on the upside, even if you don't finish, you can still prevent other people from winning.
online ViceManactivity 1876 Days Ago
Hmm, true I guess. If I get disco'd more than twice i'm not coming back the third time.
online ozie61activity 1875 Days Ago
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