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iGrandTheftAuto GTA4 Deathmatch on PS3

online Psyactivity 3412 Days Agoaffiliates 2922 Viewsforums 8 Comments

Are you a PS3 gamer who is fed up of hearing about Rockstar's "Ballad of Gay Tony" multiplayer sessions because you can't play it? Well don't worry. We here are iGrandTheftAuto.com are running our own multiplayer session on Monday, January 25th at 11 PM GMT (6PM EST).

The idea was brought to us by Marney1 on our forums. If you're interested in playing, there's still a few spaces open. You'll need an account on our website if you're not a member, and if you are, you'll need to post a reply in this topic to confirm your position in the game.

Officially we will be playing a 30 minute deathmatch in Bohan with Auto-Aim on and respawn set at 1 second. We'll be posting the results of the deathmatch on the website afterwards. I'll be on there getting repeatedly murdered by everyone else.

There is the potential for some racing after the deathmatch, but these will be purely for fun.

If you're interested, get onto the forum topic and get signed up.

Depending on the success of this, we may do it every now and then in the future.
online TreeFittyactivity 3412 Days Ago
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3412 Days Ago
Don't worry Psy, I suck too.
online Massacreactivity 3412 Days Ago
Nice. Way to go, marney.
online deadactivity 3412 Days Ago
I'm sure it's safe to say we all agree GTA4 is a fantastic game but most of us have gradually been putting our controllers aside in search of something new and refreshing. But the great thing about GTA4 multiplayer is that if you put your mind to it you can create your own rules and games and with this Death Match we hope to once again prove that there's fun in the old dog yet.
online deadactivity 3405 Days Ago
Winner of Match 1 is..........



He kicked ass that time but he won't win Match 2! I'll see to that! biggrin.gif
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3405 Days Ago
Unless you lag again...
online deadactivity 3405 Days Ago
It very rarely happens to me these days so I refuse to take the blame. I think bOnEs was the problem.
online deadactivity 3405 Days Ago
DuPz0r created this match winners trophy which you can earn the right to display in your sig.......but you will first have to take it from him.
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