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55 Hours in Liberty City

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55 Hours in Liberty CityWell, that's one record blown right outta the water!

The Guinness World Record for the longest marathon gaming session for Grand Theft Auto IV (28 hours) was recently beaten by Clarksville, Tennessee native David Scherer!

"Why did he do it," you ask? Well David, an avid swimmer, took on the Liberty City challenge in order to raise money to build a new indoor pool facility for the non-profit, parent-run competitive swim team he coaches named the 'Swimming Eagles.'


"Swimming is the best type of exercise you can get," Scherer says at hour 48, the record already broken. "It is because of swimming that I'm able to do what I'm doing right now."

You can watch David's epic playthrough videos here, and if you're interested in learning more about the cause he played for you can visit the Swimming Eagles online as well!
online ViceManactivity 2992 Days Ago
Wonder what would happen if the 360 RROD'd on the 27th hour, was he just messing around in SP or playing MP?
online Psyactivity 2992 Days Ago
Wouldn't really class that as a worthy cause, and I don't know who would actually donate money to some guy playing games for a long time. It's a pretty shit thing to do to raise money when you consider people would climb a mountain or run a marathon... This guy sits down and plays grand theft auto. Pretty sad if you ask me. I also can't believe there's a world record for playing GTA4...
online OptimumPxactivity 2991 Days Ago
Well, on the original Rockstar news post they deemed it a "noble cause." So.....meh.
online TreeFittyactivity 2991 Days Ago
Thanks for the free advertising and support!

pretty much that.
online GTA SA fanactivity 2991 Days Ago
I wouldn't be able to stay up that long, how'd he stay up that long?
online DANNY B0Yactivity 2991 Days Ago
C'mon, the event was sponsered. I wonder how far he managed to get. I'd quit on about the 7th hour because I simply can't be arsed.
online GTARuleractivity 2991 Days Ago
I wouldnt run either of my consoles that long it would kill them.
online RamzKillaactivity 2991 Days Ago
I haven't played that long at once. I played like 1638674784 times that many hours altogether. biggrin.gif
online punxtractivity 2991 Days Ago
Too bad he isn't a fat kid who did it for fun...
online ThomasHactivity 2986 Days Ago
online ViceManactivity 2985 Days Ago

No, you can't, i've already laid claim to it.
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