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GTA III Nominated for (another) Award

online Qdeathstar & anomalous_resultactivity 3333 Days Agoaffiliates 3042 Viewsforums 5 Comments
GTA III Nominated for (another) AwardThe UK's Gadget Show on Channel Five is looking for viewer opinion on the gadget of the decade. Grand Theft Auto III is nominated in the Entertainment category and so is up for the overall award as well.

Voting closes on Monday, November 9th so tell your friends, family, internet acquaintances and get GTA III another place in history.
online TreeFittyactivity 3333 Days Ago
quite an odd collection of different things to vote on.
online Psyactivity 3332 Days Ago
Unfortunately I can see World of Gaycraft beating GTA III because of it's legions of super faggot 11 year old loser gamers... But IMO GTA III has been the biggest groundbreaking game probably of all time and deserves to win.
online punxtractivity 3332 Days Ago
Perhaps for sandbox games, yes. Anyway, I voted for GTAIII even though I never fully enjoyed it like I did Vice City.
online DANNY B0Yactivity 3331 Days Ago
III definetely deserves another place in history. It's changed the face of GTA and Rockstar, it really deserves the accolades.
online RamzKillaactivity 3321 Days Ago
I voted for GTA III. I hope it wins. Somebody please update this when they announce the winner please? smile.gif
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