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GTA: Chinatown Wars losing nothing in PSP port

online DuffMan & DuPz0ractivity 3530 Days Agoaffiliates 3833 Viewsforums 4 Comments
Joystiq.com had a meeting with Rockstar Games yesterday for the first hands-on of the "remastered" PSP version of Chinatown Wars. They asked a number of questions. The most obvious is: What's happening with the DS's touch based mini-games? Rockstar replied: They are still in-game, but they are now button based.


They hot wired a car to try this new concept out, and were presented with a comic-style panel in on the side of the screen. They had to rotate the analog stick, and then press L & R in time when prompted. According to Rockstar, they have done similar things with the other mini-games, but no new mini-games have been added exclusively for PSP.


Joystiq were quickly pointed towards new features like a new aiming "arc" for lobbing grenades and Molotov's whilst driving. Loads of new bloom lighting is in there, which helped light up explosions. The in-game PDA has had a bit of a re-design, and now mimics the PSP's XMB.'

online ThomasHactivity 3530 Days Ago
Awesome Stuff. smile.gif
The visuals are not what I expected but they look awesome. ^^
online Massacreactivity 3529 Days Ago
The drug deal screenshot makes me want to play again. I loved that part of the game, I made so much money.
online calimann83activity 3528 Days Ago
I thought they would redo the overall look of the game. It still looks like fun.
online ThomasHactivity 3528 Days Ago
@Massacre, True man, that was also my favorite thing in the game, gave me that Vice City Stories Empire Feeling.
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