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GTA 5 Section Launched

online Psyactivity 3482 Days Agoaffiliates 10169 Viewsforums 19 Comments
GTA 5 Section LaunchedWe've added a Grand Theft Auto 5 section to the website because, frankly, nothing gets people going more than anticipation of something new. Plus we don't think it'll be too long before the first details start to come out about GTA5.

Current rumours are for an October 2010 release, possibly set in London, but of course these could just have been made up by me right there...

Anyway, as soon as we hear anything about GTA5, we'll let you know.
online ThomasHactivity 3482 Days Ago
I'm hoping for a mix between San Andreas and Vice City in next gen. smile.gif
online ViceManactivity 3482 Days Ago
Wasn't this pic originally a GTA IV fake?
online TwoFacedTanneractivity 3482 Days Ago
Im hoping there is no exclusive DLC this next time around...so everyone can enjoy it.
online ThomasHactivity 3481 Days Ago
@ ViceMan, true.. this was the first "GTA IV - FAKE" image.
online TreeFittyactivity 3481 Days Ago
i think this image goes back before SA at least..
online Psyactivity 3481 Days Ago
It certainly does, but I couldn't be bothered to find a new render which I could call a GTA5 screenshot tongue.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3481 Days Ago
take a real picture and mess with the contrast? mellow.gif could come out like a new game screen shot...
online Psyactivity 3481 Days Ago
Well if someone wants to make some fake GTA5 screenshots, feel free. The galllery is looking rather bare for that game...
online RamzKillaactivity 3481 Days Ago
@ TwoFacedTanner, I totally agree,Everyone should be able to enjoy DLC.

Or fuck DLC completely and give everything in the game, like they did with SA.
online eric-cjactivity 3478 Days Ago
i remember reading somewhere, that there will be 2 DLC's the following year und then we will have GTA V. but i can't find the link to the post, so this might just be hype or something.
online wassup100activity 3382 Days Ago
i hope that it is like san andreas 2
online BRAINVENTILATOR9activity 3262 Days Ago
online GTA5activity 3179 Days Ago
THUMS UP HERES MY IDEA (Hopefully A BIGGER MAP & when your in a plane & you have a certain wanted level (ex. 4 stars) they will send intercepters after you & give you a chance to land or they will shoot you down & APC Tanks & Sam's sites that will shoot you down & attack helicopters & medical helicopters too & bombers & fighters & army hummers & destroyer boats & aircraft carriers that lets jets take off from it & you don't get a wanted level when you walk thorough the airport gates & EVERY type of plane is fly able & mobile artillery vehicles & a aircrane that can pick up vehicles & more advance weapons & police bikes fasters cars & a high flying spy jet such as the blackbird & predater drones that shoot missiles & a store where you buy cars,places,helicopters e.c.t & cheats that don't block trophies longer game play & a place where every vehicle spawn at & the city could be indianapolis in indiana & a heavlly armored tank. whew thats a lot of typeing) cool.gif
online GTA5activity 3179 Days Ago
& release date is between november 2010-october 2011
online ViceManactivity 3178 Days Ago

& release date is between november 2010-october 2011

Well thanks for clearing that up, we were all getting worried. Care to post your source or Rockstar employee credentials?
online GTA5activity 3178 Days Ago
sorry I forgot the link
online Fernando Figueroaactivity 3178 Days Ago
I hope it takes place somewhere in Vice City or San Andreas but a bigger map For we could all enjoy and not get tired that easy.
online GTA Gangster77activity 3100 Days Ago
It could be either Vice City 2 or San Andreas 2
online GTA5activity 3090 Days Ago
i just want planes
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