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First Two Official GTA V Screenshots

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First Two Official GTA V ScreenshotsFINALLY! Since the trailer back in November, Rockstar has been very very quiet about Grand Theft Auto 5. They've been forced to put out little things such as Crew information but anything major has been absent...

Until now with an Asked and Answered...

Feast your eyes upon the first official screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V:



And while you're here, a select question from the A&A:

“Hey guys hope everything is good over there in Rockstar. Just a question referring to GTA 4, the game was brilliant and I really enjoyed and still do, but what disappointed me was the lack of planes and jets... Can you tell me why you didn't include them, I'm sure you have a very valid reason?” – via Mouthoff

The city was simply too small for effective and enjoyable flying. It was the first time we made a high definition open world, and it was a massive amount of work to make something on that scale – we simply could not make an environment big enough for planes to work properly. Fear not, they are returning in what is our biggest open world game to date.

Amazing! Join the discussions at the Grand Theft Auto V forums!
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”Hallo, does ‘The History of Rockstar Games’ book have a release date?” - @Gunslinga_M3 (via Twitter)

We aren’t writing a history book - we’re writing a book more about the games themselves, called Digital + Analogue: The Art and Science of Rockstar Games. We don’t have a release date yet, but the book is shaping up fantastically.

I really, Really, REALLY want such a book!!! hopefully they would have it just in time to include it in a gta5 special edition!
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I'm definitely wondering if they held off for GTA V to get in it. They were "starting fresh" on the new consoles for GTA IV and now GTA V can show the progress they've made. Time will tell. Hard part for them is to decide when to stop including new games and release the fucking thing. tongue.gif
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how do you guys think gta5 is gonna come out nearly between console generations? i kinda fear it might suffer some drag, given that new consoles, for which the game is not made specifically, are quite around the corner. since i don't really follow rumors, i have no idea if the next xbox would be compatible with xbox360 games. as on the sony side, is quite obvious that next playstation will come out after next xbox, and with gta5 boosting the sales of ps3 for a bit (or alot, why not?), i wonder if sony's politics when it comes to compatibility between it's own consoles would be a problem for rockstar. i mean gta5 and it's following dlcs would have some time to keep filling the shelves, but how long? and as a final detail, is there any pc "near launch", like it was the case with max payne 3? because it would be justified in the given scenario.
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I don't know about the compatibility. One would think they'd make it happen but look at this generation. Obviously consumers wouldn't be as happy.

As for GTA V on PC, I fully expect it to release two weeks after the consoles like Max Payne 3. Rockstar learned their lesson with IV's port. There's too much to go wrong with the newer games and coding everything system-specific is the better option overall.
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i really hope they still include the video editor this time, though i wish for a "next step up", like a story/missions editor that would allow gamers to create their own stories set in the city. i don't know, though, if they would do it for pc this time, if they release it so close to console versions, since the consoles can't render video (i guess), and the difference between versions would be too signifficant, buyers would probably preffer to wait 2 weeks for the pc version. getting back to my previous comment though, maybe rockstar doesn't put all it's hope in the console market now, given the end of the generation, so it's probably focused on pc just as much.
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