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GTA V's Location Rumoured

online JamieMilneactivity 3277 Days Agoaffiliates 7831 Viewsforums 13 Comments
Grand Theft Auto could be heading back to the West Coast for its next big outing. Fresh rumours suggest that's where the series could be heading, with reports outing Hollywood as the series' next location.

"vg24/7" is doing the whispering, as well as claiming that Grand Theft Auto V's announcement is coming up possibly within the next few months as the report makes the surprising claim that it could be unveiled alongside the first public airing of Max Payne 3.

Rockstar, who have unsurprisingly, remained tight-lipped, refusing to comment on rumour or speculation.

Grand Theft Auto has visited Hollywood before, of course, with San Andreas' Los Santos featured the area of Vinewood, Rockstar's own take on Tinseltown.
online Massacreactivity 3277 Days Ago
I could see them going with all of LA, but just Hollywood? Never. That'd be like restricting TBOGT to just the douchebags from Maisonette 9.
online ViceManactivity 3277 Days Ago
Wasn't there a picture of a plane ticket in Niko's name heading for San Andreas?
online Massacreactivity 3277 Days Ago
I think so.
online bOnEsactivity 3277 Days Ago
los santos, baby!!! this is my #1 choice, and hey, vinewood is in los santos too... i think LA would be the perfect place, plus it would please the vice city fans since LA is kind of like miami...
online alooper21activity 3277 Days Ago
hell, san andreas here we come again!!!

and it has to be more than the "hollywood" area. i have high hopes that it will be just as big and bold as the classic one in terms of space, though given the xbox360 limits the install kit will have to fit in atmost 15gb.

off-topic (maibe tongue.gif): when i first heard about bully ant it's theme i thought "how big of a game can you put in a campus?" then i "played" a bit of it in a ps2 emulator and i got it: it wasn't a game about life in a campus, but about the life of a student. and that student had a life outside the campus, too tongue.gif so i ended up buying the pc version as soon as it appeared, and i was amazed to discover a city an entire town (is it as big as the first liberty city?). i just craved for this game! i was checking for updates of that ps2 emulator from time to time to see if the game runs better, but no luck until the pc version. i just didn't care about the bugs and all, and i liked that rockstar made it somewhat "50% open", and by that i mean there was no need to activate via internet or cd-key, and the disk wasn't needed, so install it and dust the disk after. no need for suspicious "no-cd" exe from the internet.

ps: i'll be buying a ps3 soon for hot shots golf, but i'm sure i'll also get mcla. as for rdr, i'll give it a 6 to twelve months to be at least anounced for pc. if it doesn't go that way then i might aswell buy it for ps3.
online TwoFacedTanneractivity 3276 Days Ago
Woots. At least we got SOME sort of a possible update. Im fine with it being LS if thats what they're doing. I'm also fine with VC. What if they fucked our minds and had it in LS in the 1980s. Hoooooly Fucking Hamburgers.
online OptimumPxactivity 3276 Days Ago
I don't want them to redo any other cities they've already used. I want someplace new like Chicago, Seattle, or Honolulu...
online alooper21activity 3276 Days Ago
if set in the old san andreas, removing any of the main cities or major landscapes (desert, mountain), would be a huge dissapointment for me. i considered it to be idiotic to remove alderney from chinatown wars, anyway, the game just seemed to be chunked, amputed, it felt ilogical.
is not like i'm saying "no" to the next gta in some circumstances, but if they choose to revisit an old setting at least go for it all the way, like it was the case with gta4's lib-city, or don't do it att all.
online GrinningPhantomactivity 3272 Days Ago
SAN ANDREAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHHHHHHHHH
online GTA Gangster77activity 3231 Days Ago
GTA San Andreas is cool but why dont they put it in a other city like Chicago or Houston.
online GTA5activity 3226 Days Ago
Oh shit! if its in Gta san andreas with same background & able to fly I'M BUYING AS SOON IT HITS THE STORE P.S PUT IN SHYLIFT FROM TBoGT THAT CAN PICK UP CARS THANK YOU!
online activity 2858 Days Ago
nikos ticket to SA is the biggest clue to a location, i highly doubt the LC it's over poster is anything more than RS's joke to get everybody looking around LC for more clues. I think twe'll defo be back in sa, they'll never get a map that big with the graphics of gta 4 though so I assume they'll probs release it on three disks, first one being a re-created version of los santos, about the size of liberty city, the second being a re-created version of san fierro about the size of liberty city and a re-created version of las venturas about the size of liberty city making it about three times the size of liberty city so we can feel we're really back in sa

although i wouldn't want to constantly change disks every time i want to change city so they'll probs make the game run off disk one, where as disk 2 and 3 is data you upload to your 360, so that you always have one disk in at a time but there is data on your 360 so when it's needed it'll stop reading the disk and start reading the data within the 360, i assume this is possible.
online alooper21activity 2831 Days Ago
well, what if those details you mentiones hint not towards an xbox/ps3/pc gta, but a playstation vita gta? it could also be san andreas stories, set 6 years later, to witness brian's death and a san fierro before the earthquake that destroied part of it.
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