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IGN's Gay Tony 'Things Blow Up' Montage

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IGN's Gay Tony 'Things Blow Up' MontageIGN has released a video montage of various things exploding all over Liberty City! This fun-filled video shows you not only segments of missions you'll undertake while playing The Ballad of Gay Tony, but also the Buzzard and the APC in action!

Not only that, but it give away a few little details about the game as well!

Item #1:
Both text bars and the armor color will be purple.

Item #2:
Luis will be hunting for 50 Seagulls like in the LaD.

Item #3:
While it would have been fun to fly the airplane seen in the 2nd Trailer, it seems to be blown up without ever leaving the airport.

With the release of the Ballad of Gay Tony fast approaching, look for new releases like this to be coming faster then ever!
online The Awesome Oneactivity 3559 Days Ago
More birds to collect..
online RamzKillaactivity 3559 Days Ago
OMG I WANT IT!! I might buy it on disc and borrow my cousins XBOX. biggrin.gif
online Seeenactivity 3558 Days Ago
Yeah, I fucking want this game. The helicopter 'splosion at the end was badass!
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