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Gay Tony Multiplayer Revealed

online OptimumPxactivity 3567 Days Agoaffiliates 2393 Viewsforums 6 Comments
Gay Tony Multiplayer RevealedA new update on the official Ballad of Gay Tony website has revealed, for the first time, details on the new and changed multiplayer modes you can expect to play when the game comes out on October 29th!

The new information covers the standard Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes as well as the Free Mode.

In Deathmatch you can play with up to 16 different players at one time. Your only objective is to kill...kill as many other players as you can until the time runs out. The player with the most kills, of course, wins! Don't forget to try out some of those new weapons!

In Team Deathmatch you work as part of a team to rub out all opposing teams in as shot a time as you can. Again, the team with the most kills when the time runs out wins!

In Free Mode there really aren't any changed to the tried and true GTA IV method. Go nuts! Kill all those you see, or simply play around with your new toys like the APC or the Buzzard. It's all up to you!
online ThomasHactivity 3567 Days Ago
This will be fucking awesome, can't wait to blast around with my Buzzer. ^^
online TreeFittyactivity 3567 Days Ago
online GTARuleractivity 3567 Days Ago
This is going to be kick ass!!!!! Jumpy.gif Now I know all my friends are going to say yes to me asking them to play GTA with me! clapping.gif
online DuffManactivity 3567 Days Ago
Okay, can someone tell me what's actually new here? Sounds like the stuff we've had for 18 months already.
online Seeenactivity 3566 Days Ago
Sweet, they kept the cool new helicopter in free mode
online angeal18activity 3566 Days Ago
This is what I was waiting for. Awesome
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