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The Return of Lazlow

online Psy & ConQueSteDactivity 2862 Days Agoaffiliates 1273 Viewsforums 5 Comments
You know him and you love him - Lazlow, the infamous talk show host who has been in almost every single Grand Theft Auto game will make his return in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Rockstar Games announced earlier today that Lazlow will be returning to the airwaves in TBoGT.

He will run a chat radio station called Integrity 2.0 which is unlocked half way through the story.
online Seeenactivity 2861 Days Ago
Haha, fuckin' Lazlow. That fool has some major halfway-out-of-the-closet issues. Awesome news, though!
online TwoFacedTanneractivity 2861 Days Ago
Wasnt that radio station already there?
online DANNY B0Yactivity 2861 Days Ago
I thought Integrity 2.0 would automatically be available. Oh well tongue.gif
online DiOactivity 2861 Days Ago
Something else I get to miss out on.
online Massacreactivity 2861 Days Ago
@ Tanner + Dan: It means he did new dialogue for the station.
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