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Weazel News Report; New Desktop Wallpapers

online Psy & ConQueSteDactivity 3407 Days Agoaffiliates 2635 Viewsforums 2 Comments
Weazel News Report; New Desktop WallpapersRockstar Games have released their new teaser video, which is a 2 minute 42 second long news report about a new wave of gun crime in LC. You'll see plenty of new weapons, some information about the new Buzzard helicopter and some new footage of characters and missions from the Ballad of Gay Tony.

We'll have a large number of screencaps from the video on the website soon.

In addition, Rockstar have added a new wallpaper to their official website which you can find here.
online TreeFittyactivity 3407 Days Ago
the buzzard, C4, awesome. probably get jobs from the bad guys profiled. also goats ftw.
online punxtractivity 3407 Days Ago
Incendiary bullets too I hope? I just want to see them burn sometimes, as well as explode.
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