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iGTA TBOGT Deathmatch This Monday for PS3

online TreeFittyactivity 3355 Days Agoaffiliates 3579 Viewsforums 4 Comments
Join members of iGrandTheftAuto.com this Monday at 6 PM Eastern, 11 PM UK for a round of deathmatch on the PlayStation 3! We will be playing The Ballad of Gay Tony with plenty of fun afterwards! Post your PSN I.D. in the topic here.

Be there early to claim your spot! This may be the last GTA match for a bit as Red Dead Redemption comes out next week! Expect deathmatches to continue there!
online JamieMilneactivity 3355 Days Ago
im in

online ViceManactivity 3354 Days Ago
And remember children, due to the anticipated release of a certain other R* game this may well be the last deathmatch in quite a while. So don't miss out and reserve your copy of "iGTA TBoGT DM #9" TODAY!
online deadactivity 3354 Days Ago
Still only got a few missions done on TBoGT! I'd better find some time to get it finished before next Friday.
online ViceManactivity 3354 Days Ago
Heh, finished it the day after I got it.
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