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Party with Brucie and Yusuf!

online TreeFittyactivity 2210 Days Agoaffiliates 1310 Viewsforums 4 Comments
You may not be able to actually join the party, but you can talk to Brucie Kibbutz or Yusuf Amir anyway with these new gadgets from Rockstar Games:

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online alooper21activity 2209 Days Ago
the one at the right doesn't work?

anyway, that's some crazy shift biggrin.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 2209 Days Ago
Both work for me. o_O
online DuPz0ractivity 2209 Days Ago
Cool. Yusuf doesn't work.
online Psyactivity 2208 Days Ago
I fixed the Yusuf one smile.gif
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