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All of the cheats from the original game can still be used. The Lost and Damned adds some new cheats to the collection.

To enable a cheat, tap up on the D-pad twice to enable the phone, enter the number listed below and press Call. After a couple of rings the cheat will be activated.
  • 245-555-0100 - Spawn Innovation
  • 245-555-0150 - Spawn Hexer
  • 245-555-0125 - Spawn Double T
  • 245-555-0199 - Spawn Hakuchou
  • 826-555-0100 - Spawn Slamvan
  • 826-555-0150 - Spawn Burrito
online punxtractivity 3561 Days Ago
No cool cheats, just cheats for bikes and vans.
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