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Phil Collins GTA-style Artwork

online TreeFittyactivity 3136 Days Agogtavcsviews 7118 Viewscomments 1 Comments (2 Votes)
Phil Collins GTA-style Artwork

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Resolution: 640x360 pixels
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Category: GTA VCS
Caption: Rockstar loves Phil.
online alooper21activity 3131 Days Ago
phill collins in gta:vcs: totally awesome! his appearence in the game is one of those specially epic aspects of the game, and a true tribute from rockstar to one of the most important people in music!
as a fun part, once i killed all members of his band on-stage, except for him (if i remember right). he should join dessie and the other guy and form The Club of GTA's Undying Characters smile.gif)
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