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Awesome car!

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Awesome car!

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online deadactivity 2985 Days Ago
Is there ever going to be a time when we can do this stuff on consoles?
online TreeFittyactivity 2985 Days Ago
when they make it easier to mod console games. but I don't see that being the case for some time to come. you can always buy development kits and do it for yourself. thumbup.gif
online BallerStatusactivity 2985 Days Ago
There's development kits? Holy shit that sounds intense haha!
online Psyactivity 2984 Days Ago
Technically if you had a chipped PS2 or something which could read burned disks, you could modify the data on the disk and burn it to effectively mod the PS2 version of the game. Some guys did that with GTA4 on Xbox 360 making their cars super heavy and stuff. Would be pretty difficult to import new textures or models though, really all you could do would be to change the values for weapon damage or car speed etc.
online BallerStatusactivity 2984 Days Ago
That's sick!
online ViceManactivity 2983 Days Ago
Aston Martin DBS. Doesn't suit CJ's style though.
online TreeFittyactivity 2983 Days Ago
style? dat nigga don't need no style with dat ride!
online DuffManactivity 2980 Days Ago
Veyron or GTFO.
online BallerStatusactivity 2972 Days Ago

style? dat nigga don't need no style with dat ride!

haha so true!
online alooper21activity 2969 Days Ago

Veyron or GTFO.

veyron? what's wrong with a "baby lambo"?
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