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Love for the Sentinel

online DuPz0ractivity 3359 Days Agogtaivviews 1145 Viewscomments 3 Comments (7 Votes)
Love for the Sentinel

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Category: GTA IV
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Caption: I like the sentinel!
online Qdeathstaractivity 3359 Days Ago
I think that the sentinel is kinda sluggish, unless you get the racing one.
online RamzKillaactivity 3359 Days Ago
Sentinel is a pretty badass car unsure.gif
online Psyactivity 3358 Days Ago
I love it, especially after changing it's look with the cheats/mods that DuPz0r has used, giving it the window grill and stuff. One of the best cars in pretty much ever GTA game it's been in.
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