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GTA5 Fake Screenshot

online Psyactivity 3630 Days Agogta5views 8042 Viewscomments 5 Comments (8 Votes)
GTA5 Fake Screenshot

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Resolution: 500x350 pixels
File Size: 30.59 KB
Category: GTA V
Section: Fan Artwork
Caption: This is just a fake screenshot showing what GTA5 might look like...
online Qdeathstaractivity 3630 Days Ago
Hmm, i thought this had been around since prior to GTA 4... :-/
online TreeFittyactivity 3630 Days Ago
agreed. this was a SanAn fake all those years ago
online DuPz0ractivity 3630 Days Ago
yeah it was.
online Kaelanactivity 2974 Days Ago
A fake but if body pieces came off in gta IV it would be better smile.gif
online Kaelanactivity 2974 Days Ago
Heres the faces i know biggrin.gif smile.gif sad.gif tongue.gif well its still cool if gta V comes out
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