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Tank Or Taxi?

online Qdeathstaractivity 2074 Days Agoballadofgaytonyviews 990 Viewscomments 7 Comments (7 Votes)
Tank Or Taxi?

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online The Awesome Oneactivity 2074 Days Ago
Tank!!!!!!I will probably spend a hour in one of them.
online HeadCrabactivity 2074 Days Ago
Not a tank, it's an APC. It's still pretty epic though, can't wait for this expansion.
online Benzillaactivity 2074 Days Ago
That's mint!
online TreeFittyactivity 2073 Days Ago
online Seeenactivity 2073 Days Ago
online DuPz0ractivity 2073 Days Ago
Armored Personnel Carrier! W00t.
online ฿onesactivity 2069 Days Ago
Damn that thing's going to rape!
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