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Click the image above for a large map of the seagulls.
Click on any of the seagull location blips for a screenshot.
Please Note: Javascript must be enabled by your browser to use the image popups in the map above.
online GTARuleractivity 3652 Days Ago
Great guide it helped me find the few left that I need also very good map it pinpoints their location didn't even need to see the pics! thumbup.gif
online GTA5activity 3334 Days Ago
um....what do you get from getting all the seagulls ?
online DuPz0ractivity 3318 Days Ago
That's what i was wondering GTAA5, i know you get the APC on TBoGT, but i haven't found out what you get for this yet!
online DuPz0ractivity 3318 Days Ago
Actually i just found a random comment on youtube saying you unlock the Innovation bike in "Clay's Bikes" over on Bohan Island.
online GTA5activity 3315 Days Ago
oh thx
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