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Cop Land

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One of the guys, Mike, rigged the Tarbush Coffee Shop in the North Point Mall with a bomb, but the fuses got screwed and it's up to you, Tommy, to save the day and make sure that place blows. Too bad there are cops all over the place. But luckily Tommy has a plan.

Bit Tight Around The Crotch

Get a car with Lance and get a wanted level of 2 stars or more. Drive to the garage marked on the radar and when you get there wait for a police car to follow you into the garage. Easier said than done, but run around in it a bit. Try to stick with two stars because you don't want the FBI shooting at you. Once you've got the cops to follow you into the garage, you'll emerge wearing a cop uniform. You'll be told to take a cop car which is behind the garage, but you can go in any car if you want. Drive to the North Point Mall and go in the South Entrance. To your right you will see the shop, go in and wait in the pink marker for the bomb to be set, then run!

Once the bomb blows, get outside, hop in the nearest car, leave Lance, and drive to the Pay & Spray fast. As always, they are after you and not Lance. Once you lose the wanted level, get back to the mall and collect Lance who has been unharmed. Take him back to the Vercetti Mansion.

Alternatively, another trick is to use a helicopter to fly to the mall with Lance. Pick one up from the top of your mansion and park it behind the garage in the first stage of this mission. Once you have the cop uniforms on, fly the helicopter down to the east entrance of the mall. Sprint to the coffee shop, set the bomb, and then sprint back into the helicopter outside. If you do this quick enough, there shouldn't be any cops outside to bust you when you wait for the helicopter to lift off. It should, however, give you enough time to get Lance in. Fly back to Vercetti mansion and land the helicopter on the roof. If there are cops on the roof, just bail from it a couple of feet from the rooftop. Then jump down from the top of the building to the marker by the stairs at the front.

Mission Passed!

Additional Notes

You now have unlocked the cop outfit in the Ocean Beach Police HQ, and the Mansion will make you $5000 a day if you collect the money from the pink icon out front.
online Seeenactivity 3654 Days Ago
This mission is weird. Who the fuck is "Mike" and why is he associated with Tommy? Oh well, you never hear about him before or after this mission anyway.
online ViceManactivity 3650 Days Ago
He's just one of Tommy's goons, one of the "Vercetti gang" if you like.
online Nanookactivity 3029 Days Ago
I forgot how much work you put into these, you're awesome dude!
online Psyactivity 3029 Days Ago
Thanks man. Pretty good being able to use this site to archive all my old work from other sites smile.gif
online Nanookactivity 3029 Days Ago
Must have taken a lot of work, I am amazed and how complex this site is. I take it you are still in the web development world?
online Psyactivity 3029 Days Ago
I certainly am yeah. Been in employment for 4 years as a web developer. Just finished a degree as well where I hope to come out with a first class honours. Took me a year to build this site. And I mean a year. I worked on it about 4 hours a day and up to 16 hours when I had free time!
online Nanookactivity 3029 Days Ago
Wow, I can totally believe that too looking at the amount of stuff on here. Hopefully it will really pay off when GTA5 starts getting more attention and more people find their way here. Congratulations on the degree too, doing that at the same time as this means you must of had no spare time at all!
online Psyactivity 3029 Days Ago
I didn't. Barely played a game the whole time I was developing this site. TBH I've had iRedDead.com (modified version of this CMS), iGTA5.com (new CMS) and an LA Noire website which I've done since I launched this in 2009. I never stop smile.gif
online Nanookactivity 3029 Days Ago
Lol as long as you're still enjoying it all! (Or making an exorbitant amount of money somehow!!)
online Psyactivity 3029 Days Ago
Haha I am making a fair bit from advertising now. Struggle to find space for all the ads to be honest. Need to keep removing them when better deals come along. Anyway are you on facebook or anything? You should be able to find me fairly easily by following the twitter/facebook accounts for this website.
online Nanookactivity 3029 Days Ago
Good to hear smile.gif Facebook request sent...
online demonactivity 3029 Days Ago
I'm very pleased to hear this site pays. It surprises me a little because the forum is dead. But for some reason there are always some guests driving up the traffic stats.

Seeing as this site pays off pretty well, would you maybe start paying me for my daily visits? tongue.gif

What is CMS? Sounds like a French car but I guess it's not.
online Nanookactivity 3029 Days Ago
CMS is Content Management System - it's the backend that keeps sites like this running; managing the blogs, guides, images, news, etc and they're great fun to write - right Psy!?
online demonactivity 3029 Days Ago
Ah, it's on the server and doesn't load into the browser.
online Psyactivity 3028 Days Ago
Yeah 'Nook, I enjoy building content management systems, although now I'm more looking into building classes and API's so I can reuse blocks of code across multiple websites to save time. Ideally I want to make one global admin panel which can be used to post content on any of my websites in one go, but it's kind of hard because all of the databases and required fields are different for each site.
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