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Multiplayer Seafloor Glitch

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Ok. This guide explains how to be able to have one player walk upright/run/jump from the ocean floor. Now I haven't played the game in 4 years, but I'll give a good brief sketch of how to attain this glitch.

1. Enter Two-Player Mode from the freeroam pickup in El Quebrados located in the top-left corner of the map.
2. Take the red truss bridge that connects to Las Venturas.
3. Notice the wood dock behind some buildings off to the right when heading east on the bridge.
4. Bring both players to the dock and follow it to the seaplane waiting at the end.
5. Have one player swim to the driver side and enter the vehicle.
6. Now, have the second player swim to the driver side also, and enter vehicle also.
7. The second player will then open up the seaplane door and throw out the first player just like he would a pedestrian.
8. The first player is now at the bottom of the ocean floor without having swimming motions or abilities.


It's pretty dark down there. You can run, jump, walk, climb, and scale yourself to the top if you want... I usually put in first-person mode then destroy the plane which causes you to "fail" the mission.

Check it out!

Thanks goes out to Artifex who gave me the names of the locations.
online Seeenactivity 3639 Days Ago
Here's another way:

1. In 2-player mode, head to a boat in the water and have both people get onboard.
2. Make them kiss (L1 button on PS2) and them BAM! Player 2 is magically teleported underwater and can walk upright.
online punxtractivity 3637 Days Ago
Um, you're being serious right? If so, cool, I'll properly add it to my guide. This was the only glitch I ever found in the game back when it first came out. I stopped playing for a while.
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